This clay mask is amazing! Made with blue tansy, bentonite clay, absolute rose, mica, dandelion extract. This mask is the perfect way to rid your skin of impurities, reaches deep to unclog pores and eliminates dead skin on contact!

The blue tansy and bentonite clay work well together providing the most invigorating masking experience! Soothes acne breakouts and helps smooth out dark spots and dry skin.

Can be used for the face and body to help get clear radiant and moisturized skin. This mask is so gentle and is a spa experience that will leave your skin feeling bright, refreshed, and ready to take on the world!



Blue tansy, bentonite clay, absolute rose, mica, dandelion extract .


10 oz

Blue Tansy Clay Mask

  • Take two to three teaspoons and our blue tansy hydrosol mixing together in a bowl to create a medium liquid texture. Adding a few drops of hydrosol at a time to ensure desired texture is achieved. Safe and beneficial to use every other day.