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Moroccan Tansy is a skincare line based in the San Francisco Bay Area. We believe in celebrating and embracing individuality and encouraging everyone to bring out the beauty within. Shop our variety of products today, and pamper yourself the way you deserve.


Our products’ core ingredients are sourced from Maroc and are vegan in nature. We take pride in passing that integrity on to you. We believe that luxurious skincare for every day and anti-aging purposes should be available to all women and men who are looking for a safe organic experience free from animal fats like tallow (cow/pig fat from around the liver), contains no alcohol, parabens, harsh chemicals, artificial dyes, fragrances or preservatives!


A pure vegan and organic product sourced from Maroc and never diluted or “fluffed” with filler ingredients.   We instead use organic fruit bases like orange blossom and blue chamomile, in addition to our Shea White Ivory butter to create top-shelf skincare products. Moroccan Tansy means loving your skin naturally, purely and that’s what we’re about!

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